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December 16, 2008

7 things you should know about…

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Technology:  Ning-  online service that allows users to create their own social networks such as myspace or twitter or facebook.  Although I do not like any of these I thought it would be a good idea to learn about it because you never know what you client may want.  A client may want to create a social network so that their employees will always  be in contact with each other and can communucate when necessary.  I joined a network for students that attend the Art Institute not just in dallas.  A lot of students have the same major as me and you can discuss problems and solutions .  This is also a way to learn. 



Ustream is an interactive web streaming platform that lets users broadcast their own channels on the Ustream network or on a third-party website such as MySpace or Facebook. Ustream offers a platform for users to host events, promote their own shows, or set up interactive conversations with participants across the globe. Ustream’s broadcasting model offers an attractive new way for Internet broadcasters to connect with audiences, allowing dialogue between users and opportunities to build connections across the globe. Ustream gives faculty free, easy-to-use options for streaming video to geographically disparate audiences, and the service also introduces new frontiers for authentic assessment in the classroom.(definition from the web.)  This could affect my career because of a client.  Example- If i have a client who is just starting a business out they probably don’t have much money to promote the way that they would want to.  But if they used Ustream instead of  having to pay to have commercials aired they could broadcast themselves and perhaps reach a bigger audience.  The could take this clip and post it in myspace or facebook.



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Of course I start every blog entry off with the definition from wikipedia.  Wikipedia says a mashup is  web application that combines data from more than one source into a single integrated tool.  The definition matches the name.  A mashup is an application that can mix and match qualities from each application you like.  If you like certain qualities about on application but dislike the rest or would rather have another part to replace it it is possible.  It creates a new application.  Each application waqs designed for something different but ends up creating something totally different.

An application that does this is Yahoo pipes but there are a lot more such as teqlos, dapper, proto and openkaphow.  An application that you can create with them is mixing yahoo local together and an apartment finder sight such as Craigslist.  The yahoo local allows you to know where it is located and directions while the apartment listings will sort through apartments by size, price, and distance. This is where yahoo local would come in you could find the apartment and it would also show the distance between your address and your destination.  Another example would be Flickr(a image an web hosting site) and the New York times. a pipe which takes The New York Times RSS feed and adds a photo from Flickr based on the keywords of each item.  A piece pf Flickr is taken with the New York times an it is mashed up to create something new. 

Also for example if you wanted to know where crimes were mostly commited in your neighborhood you would access the API for crimes and then use yahoo maps if it showed a map of where crimes were created in your zip code.  Or access a single persons API and then yahoo maps.  You could create a mashup by putting them both together and have a map of singles in your area.  I love purses and my favorite brand Juicy couture.  I maybe would want an API to malls that sell the purses and use yahoo maps to see all the malls in dallas I could have a new API that shows me all the purses in different colors and which specific mall to go to insted of calling around. 

These applications affects me as an interactive designer because some clients will want things that are no neccersarily created yet.  If a client tells me they like a part of an application a lot but really dislikes another years ago they would have had to take the good with the bad.  But now it is possible to elimiinate what we dont like and create something that we do.  The combinations are endless.  No one has to settle for something they don’t want.

December 10, 2008

???XHTML and CSS???

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Ok let me know if i get this right….  ok so XHTML is a cross between HTML and XL ok this part makes sense to me  and XHTML stands for  eXtensable Hypertext Markup Language. So is this supposed to be better than just HTML.  There are some purposes why XHTML exists it creates a stricter standard for making webpages.  This differs from HTML because is you missed a tag  it would simply ignore the mistake. There are several main changes in XHTML from HTML:

  • All tags must be in lower case
  • All documents must have a doctype
  • All documents must be properly formed
  • All tags must be closed
  • All attributes must be added properly
feedback please ….
Ok so now what is CSS? Cascading Sheet Styles
Is  it just a description page describing the webpage’s characteristics.  Color, Font, etc.

December 1, 2008


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Podcasting seems to be a way to watch and hear what you want when you want POD(Personal On Demand) Casting allows you to be in control.  You can watch things when you want and don’t have to worry about missing something.  Podcasting is ruling out the traditional was of Television .  You don’t have to worry about about missing anything if you subscribe to a Podcast it can automatically download without you even having to think about it.  You can watch it on your comouter or have it downloaded to your Mp3 player which you can take with you.


Personally I doubt I would use this because to me it kinda seems like TiVo which I have.  If I know one of my favorite shows are scheduled to come on while I’m at work or school I hit record and it’s waiting on me when I return home.  But I can understand why someone would want to use Podcast to me its similar but maybe if someone didn’t have TiVo this could come in place.  I like the idea that you could take it with you in your iPod.  I’ve had an iPod ever since they started making them and get a new one each year and I’ve never used this feature.  I think i’ll try it.

November 26, 2008

*Info. Trapping*

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Information trapping is a tool similar to RSS.  Information trapping can be a useful when researching a topic to filter out irrelevant topics.  An artical gave an example on how it would be useful.  If you went to a search engine site and typed in elections you would get a bunch of info. on the democratic and republican parties.  If you wanted information on a third party you wouldn’t find much luck.  Information trapping can save you a bunch of time and have the topics you want filtered.

November 19, 2008

Collective Intelligence

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The definition of collective intelligence somewhat sounds like Communities of Practice.  I guess because the definition of both is people in a community helping one another.  People getting ideas from people and sharing and growing together.  Definition of Collective

  1. Assembled or accumulated into a whole.
  2. Of, relating to, characteristic of, or made by a number of people acting as a group: a collective decision.

Definition of Intelligence.

  1. The capacity to acquire and apply knowledge.
  2. The faculty of thought and reason.
  3. Superior powers of mind.

So I put the definition together People together acquiring knowledge.  People can help each other by sharing ideas.  On my blog about Communities of Practice I added how large corporations were secretive about new ideas they came up with because of competition but when they started sharing their ideas the came up with solutions to problems they had and ways to make them better.  They helped each other and surprisingly the company grew by interacting with the competitors and everyone benefited and gained knowledge  from each other.  Collective Intelligence may be a new term but we have been doing this for decades.  People communicate with each other who share the same interest.  The ask questions, get new ideas and hopefully come up with a better solution or product.  



Communities of Practice.

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I’m trying to get out of the habit of  using wikipedia for definitions so I went deeper and surprisingly found a site that broke the term down a little bit more where I could understand.  The definition was A group of people who share an interest or passion for something they do and learn how to do it better.  To me this sounds similar to the definition for PLE. ( how you can learn from each other).  Also I  read how huge corporations would keep ideas and concepts under wraps because of the fear and competition.  As anyone would.  If I came across a new idea for something that I thought was big I would be reluctant to share my ideas with someone who may try to duplicate it.  But what they found out is sharing their ideas and concept did  the opposite of what they thought.  They collaborated with other corporations they got new ideas and found out how to make ideas better and stronger.  They grew from it.

A great blogger.

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After reading some random blogs over and over I got bored QUICKLY.  But I stumbled across a few that I liked and kept my attention.  I believe the key is remember your audience. Who are you talking too? Obviously if your writing and someone is interested in the subject they won’t grow bored.  For example, I am very interested in culinary arts.  I love looking for new recipes.  I’ve taken classes in culinary arts so I am familiar with some of the terms.  If someone writes blanch the almonds on a blog I know what they are talking about.  But if someone stumbles across the blog and is interested in cooking something they wont be as familiar with the terms.  So I guess also keep in mind the general audience.  Keep your blog interesting and some what simple for ordinary people to understand. Have a passion about what you are writing because it shows through.


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So the wikipedia definition for twitter is is a free social networking and micro-blogging service, that allows its users to send and read other users’ updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.  HUH? what is the point of using twitter.  Just by reading the definition it seems like it would be a way to network which is highly important but honestly what is twitter.

After attempting to find out what twitter was on wikipedia i went to the twitter website and got a better understanding.  At first it seemed like a more professional myspace.  The website says it is a way to stay connected to family, friends and co- workers which led me to believe what is the point of using it if its just a mock myspace like how many other sites attempt.  But I read a comment that said

  • It’s one of the fastest-growing phenomena on the Internet.  From TIME magazine

  • Twitter is on its way to becoming the next killer app. From New York Times

These comments made me think that Twitter really is a big deal.  I understand a little more now but if anyone can explain it better please do. 

October 19, 2008

RSS….. What?!?!

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RSS…. hmmmm ok the acronyms Rich Site Summary.  On wikipedia which out of habit is the first site i go to when researching said that RSS is a “family of Web feed formats.  Also RSS is described as being a format for delivering reguarly changing web content.

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